Antenna, Lighting & Communication Masts for Military Applications

We have an extensive range of masts for every type of use from lighting to antenna communications within government, civil and military organisations. All our military mast systems come with the CE mark of quality and all other relevant certifications required by procurement personnel. All of our masts come with a 2 year guarantee.

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Latest News

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Mecmast Mechanical Telescopic Mast

The MecMast provides an excellent solution for specially designed antennas, cameras and other specific equipment used for Communications and Surveillance. The main features of the mast are sturdiness and extending precision, which enables consistent accuracy of the extended height. The exact position is controlled by an encoder and the desired height can be preset using a PC or other device. The mast requires no guying and can support heavy top loads..

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Our Military mast range equipment options

Our robust equipment is in constant use within many of the worlds military and so has a proven track record for quality and longevity. We can supply you with numerous mounting options for antenna and lighting equipment, cameras and other uses and we stock a full range of rapid deployment equipment and mast mounting brackets.

Where can our masts be used?

Our military masts can be used in the most hostile of environments as such as deserts through to arctic conditions. All anodised colours are available such as desert sand or military green. We have over 450 types of masts available, or if you require a special design we can rapidly produce technical designs and specifications to suit your individual requirements. Our military brochure is available on request.

If you require a hands on demonstration you can visit our premises or we can bring our demonstration vehicle to you. This is fitted with a range of masts. Please consult our various mast charts or contact our office if you have any technical questions.

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What military applications our telescoping masts are used for...

Our masts are typically used by military for temporary or semi permanent tactical communication and they can accommodate very large and heavy antennas up to an impressive 250kg. Other applications as such as surveillance and thermal imaging along with temporary or semi permanent compound lighting are another of our specialities.

What else can we offer...

We produce masts with spiralled internal cables for lighting, coaxial applications and data uses. Please see our mast accessories page and FAQ section for more information.

Please consult our specification data sheets where you will find over 450 different mast types to choose from. One off or special orders are another part of our expertise. Call or email your requirements and we will rapidly design and construct a system to suit your needs with the minimum fuss. For more information, consult the Portable, Fast Mast, Royal and Premier Ranges.

The Field Kit

The Field Kit (displayed above) is commonly used for military applications when deploying a keyed mast in remote locations. Very strong, steel construction for durability. All 4 legs are quick release and adjustable. Applications include - communications, radar, surveillance.

The New Quadpod

We are proud to announce the arrival of our newly designed collapsible/adjustable Quadpod, new features as such as stow able tripod feet that neatly stow in the tripod arms and an additional central 4th foot make this the most user friendly tripod around. These features give further stability and its compact and easy to use design makes it easy to stow numerous tripods in a small crate/container. Fully zinc plated as standard and also available in the usual military colours. You can see this in action in our video on the lightweight and portable mast section.


Our Stand at Millbrook DVD 2013 - also see us at DSEI London Excel,
Eurosatury Paris and many other military shows throughout the world.

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Quad bike mast system

This 4 wheel drive quad bike mast system was specifically designed to suit the customer’s requirements for both simple horizontal stowing during transit and rapid vertical deployment. It was supplied in desert sand colour to match the quad bike. The requirement was for as short as possible in retracted height and its application was for rough terrain surveillance. This was produced for a high profile military customer and was unveiled at DVD 2013.

BoxPod mast system

Our newly designed Box Pod is a fully self contained solution for safe and easy stacking and transportation. The strong steel box is designed to internally stow the mast, 4 x extendable adjustable outriggers, solar panel and batteries if required. The mast fixes to strong clamps on the outside of the box and becomes a very strong and stable platform when the outriggers are deployed. We can build the box to any size to accommodate any of the masts in our range. It is designed to be fork lifted and can also have flush style carry handles and wheels are also available. It can be supplied either galvanised, zinc plated or painted to any colour. It has many applications such as perimeter surveillance, security, radar, thermal imaging and other types of monitoring. An anti tamper version with internal wires within the mast is also available.

ISO Containers

Another common application for our mast systems is fitting either externally or internally onto ISO containers and we supply a number of systems integrators directly who install our systems that are to be deployed as an integral part of the numerous types of communications and surveillance systems.

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