Portable and remote controlled Lighting Masts

Our extensive range of lighting masts and towers have numerous uses and have been in service with police, fire, military and government departments for many years.

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What our lighting masts are used for...

We supply a full range of lighting masts and high lighting equipment available with every type of illumination configuration and lamp type. Remote controlled masts which are typically used on fire engines are available which automatically raise the mast to the vertical position, extend the mast and then automatically stow into the horizontal position. We provide many types of pan and tilt mast devices which can separately rotate and tilt multiple lights at the scene of the incident. Our portable mast range is commonly used for temporary lighting applications and internal coiled power wiring is also available on many masts. All our masts carry the CE mark of quality and have all other certifications you may require. This may be required by government, emergency service or military procurement personnel.

Sports Pitch Lighting

Our masts are the perfect solution for sports lighting and they are commonly used for football, rugby, tennis, hockey and athletics along with multi use facilities. There are a number of advantages for using telescopic masts against fixed columns such as:

  • Safe & easy access for maintaining lights
  • Extremely robust masts with huge head load capacity —450 different types available
  • Much less visual impact as lights can be retracted when not ¡n use
  • Much preferred by planning authorities and neighbours due to reduced visual obstructions
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Some masts do not require any planning perm ition as it can be designed as a temporary structure.
  • Anti climb and anti vandal options available
  • More versatility — you can choose what height to extend it to.
  • Gives your facility the wow factor
  • Quick extension / retraction - example a 15 meter mast would take around I 1/2 minutes
  • Increased pitch use time and increased revenue for club
  • Less light pollution
  • 360 degree mast rotation enables you to choose the area to be illuminated, useful for side by side pitches.

Portable Lighting masts...

Our PELU (Portable Electric Lighting Units) are ideal for easy, rapid deployment and transportation. It is a fully contained lighting mast unit and is in wide use with emergency service organisations worldwide.

If you require a hands on demonstration you can visit our premises or we can bring our demonstration vehicle to you. This is fitted with a range of masts. Please consult our various mast specification charts or contact our office if you have any technical questions.

Super Lightweight Masts...

An ideal cost effective portable solution from sports pitch and other types of requirements for illumination. It comes in a strong padded carry bag and it is incredibly light at omy 7.5kg including the integral tripod and the clever automaic tensioning guys give it maximum strength. It can easily carry 4 x lamps to illuminate a large area and can also be mulifunctional by adding video cameras at the same time. Constructed from aluminium with clamp able sections that are aire cushioned for easy and safe retraction. A full range of accessories are available such as robust weight bags to add stability. It come with 4 adjustable / pegable feet for deployment on unlevel ground and a stand pump on syrup double foot strap to add your body weight to the mast is available is available for alternative uses.


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