Aerial Photography Masts & Telescopic Video Camera Poles

Using a telescopic mast for elevated photos/videos can be a rewarding and proven business opportunity.

The Equipment

We have gained a great deal of experience in aerial photography and video over the years, building up an invaluable knowledge base and becoming the UK’s go-to supplier of specialist equipment in this field. It is possible to create truly inspiring, high impact images of many subjects, and can be used to generate a profitable income stream. Please see our aerial photography gallery for some examples of the diverse array of subjects that can be shown off to their best potential using a mast.

We are happy to supply a full and in-depth marketing package, free of charge, for customers who are interested in setting up their own photography business. The business start-up package contains a comprehensive overview of marketing images, along with tips on the day-to-day running of this potentially lucrative venture.

Many people choose to compliment our systems by also utilising a drone. The Civil Aviation Authority have established a Dronecode that must be adhered to when using a drone, and employing a mast in situations where drone use is prohibited is the most effective way to avoid prosecution and the heavy fines related to improper/illegal drone use. Unlike drones, there is no legislation to overcome when using a telescopic mast.


Relevant Clients

Well Known within the Industry

We are well known as the leading and industry standard provider of mast photography and video systems, and we can advise on a simple to use, rapid deployment, full turn-key solutions to suit any budget. We stock full wired or wireless live view camera and pan and tilt control.

Most photographers and videographers choose a mast from our portable Ø101mm diameter range, with an extended height of around 15 – 17m extended. Please take a look at our portable mast range size charts for more information. We have developed ingenious options to cater for every conceivable type of mast mounting. Portable masts are usually used with a tripod, drive-on or tow hitch mount. Our collapsible/adjustable tripod (QPod) is available in two sizes and features peg-able feet for use on soft ground, and can also be used on wheels for extra manoeuvrability.

Client Testimonials

  • I recently purchased a 17 meter fast mast – new 4" or 101mmØ version from Total Mast Solutions for photography. After seeing their video on their site I called the sales team who promptly answered my questions. It duly arrived on time and I unpacked and fitted it to my vehicle which was very easy as all was explained in the fitting instructions. After using the mast myself I can say that it does do exactly what the video shows, I suppose that's why they called it the fast mast!! It is a great quality product supplied by a team of professionals. I have also had a lot of help and advice on marketing my service which has saved me lots of time and money Thanks to all at T.M.S.
    Mick Turner
  • After trying some expensive and frankly unsafe alternatives we were searching for a quick and safe method of obtaining photos of incidents and accidents from 60ft and luckily came across Total Mast Solutions. After being given a practical demonstration of the 17m fast mast we decided this was the most suitable for us and made an order. The team at Total Mast Solutions are a friendly lot and our order was dealt with rapidly. We have used it for crowd monitoring and lots of other applications and it has proved to be very reliable.  
    Adrian Wells, BscUK Health and Safety Executive
  • Our garden builds are amazing, but often difficult to film from a standard camera. It’s all very well filming at ground level but for our viewers to really appreciate the changes evolving in the garden, a high shot is essential.  Our prayers were answered when we discovered Total Mast Solutions, a company which manufactures and supplies up to 450 different types of masts for uses ranging from bird watching to military applications. This has turned out to be an invaluable piece of equipment, entirely perfect for our needs. The sky really is the limit with Total Mast Solutions.  If you need to go up in the world, go no further than TMS.  
    Jim Boyers Spun Gold TV Head of Production
  • I purchased a 26M Mast system from Total Mast Solutions which was installed to my vehicle to an exacting standard by their technicians. On collection I was fully trained on all equipment and taught the tricks of the trade and also received a certificate of competence. I use my mast nearly every day and I can say that it is designed to be swiftly deployed and is built to last!! I now receive significant numbers of photography jobs which are directly passed onto me by Total Mast Solutions and has been a real bonus. Being a one man operation its great to know I have the team at TMS behind me and whenever I have any questions they deal with these very rapidly. If I am anywhere near their offices I always call in for a cup of coffee and a chat and I am always greeted with a smile. Many thanks to Simon and his team…
    Steve Evans
  • The equipment does exactly what they said it would, and it has been very reliable. As a user of masts in the photography market, one piece of advice that was given to me that has proven useful is to have a back up set of cables and pan and tilt head. I have damaged them by accident in the past and having a backup set has allowed me to continue to provide an uninterrupted service. The really nice thing about this work is the client is not looking for pretty photos so the weather is not an issue. The team at TMS are always happy to guide me in the right direction not only with advice about the equipment but with marketing ideas, business advice, insurance handling and safety advice as well.
    Sean MartinHigh Vision Photography

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