Telescopic, Keyed Pneumatic Masts

Telescopic, Keyed Pneumatic Masts

‘Keyed’ refers to the keyway that is machined into every section of our telescopic, keyed pneumatic masts to stop unwanted tube rotation during extension & retraction.

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What do you get from the range?

The entire mast can be rotated manually or by 12v/24v motorised base rotation unit with remote handset. Each mast is equipped with a bolt-able base with pre-drilled holes to fix the mast securely to your designated deployment location, as well as a safety valve to release any water that may seep into the mast. Keyed masts range in extension heights from 2m up to 40m and our largest Ø250mm base tube model is capable of carrying head loads of 270kg.

Keyed masts are generally used for long term deployment and can tolerate severe weather conditions when protected from water ingress using a sleeve that covers the length of the mast.

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